Single Family Homes

We have a wide variety of custom single family homes in our portfolio. Below is a list of our projects.

Single Family Custom Homes Subdivisions:
9 units at Sanders Estates, Northbrook
10 units at Wood Oaks Court, Northbrook
72 units at Park Place Estates, Northbrook
10 units at Oliver Lane, Northbrook
6 units at Strath Erin, Highland Park

Town Home Developments:
26 units at The 4 Winds, Northbrook
151 units at Royal Ridge, Northbrook
160 units at Northbrook Greens, Northbrook [view]
164 units at Meadow Ridge, Northbrook (under construction)

Commercial Developments:
River Park Office Condominiums, Northbrook

Single Family Custom Homes:
3005 Lexington Lane, Highland Park
1945 Priscilla Avenue, Highland Park
1930 Cavell Avenue, Highland Park
140 Country Lane, Highland Park
143 Country Lane, Highland Park
1843 Clavey Road, Highland Park
1845 Clavey Road, Highland Park
250 Poplar Avenue, Highland Park
371 Briar Lane, Highland Park
1910 Old Briar, Highland Park
1770 Ridgelee Avenue, Highland Park
1820 Cloverdale, Highland Park
3285 Summit, Highland Park
4160 Walters Road, Northbrook
1403 Daniel Court, Northbrook
1411 Daniel Court, Northbrook
4150 Ridgeland, Northbrook
3125 Lake Eleanor, Deerfield
1126 Warrington, Deerfield
1461 Ridge Road, Highland Park


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KZF Development

Excellence, turnkey and dedication are all words you should hear when building a custom home. At KZF Development, those three words are part of the cornerstone on which our company was founded more than 40 years ago. As partners, Joe Kogen, Suzann Kogen-Friedman, Daniel Zivin and Steve Friedman utilize their collective knowledge and expertise of the construction industry to build the ultimate in single-family homes, townhouses, condominium units and apartments.